Who we are:

Virtual Cowboy is a family owned and operated independent computer repair center. We started serving friends and family out of our house several years ago, like many people do, and opened a storefront in San Antonio in April of 2006. We closed in January of 2009 to further our knowlege through formal education. We welcomed everyone into our store and tried to make everyone feel at home there. We no longer sell parts to the public, but will use our wholesale purchasing power to aqquire parts for our customers. Virtual Cowboy is now producing how-to and demo videos. Our chat portal provides us with means to communicate with you and provide the world with free support.

What we do:

Virtual Cowboy builds desktop PC's and services both notebook and desktop PC systems. We produce webpages as a team effort through our group the Wizards of Bluemel. We have been helping people manage their computer needs and providing the essentials in powerful tools for an edge on their continuing education. We offer software help for nearly all Microsoft Office Products, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Quickbooks, & much moreā€¦ Virtual Cowboy is still trying to organize classes covering these and many more topics. The first class of each subject will be free of charge. These classes will be inhouse as well as online to allow the global community to participate. We are seeking instructors for excel, access, at all levels and other subjects at the advanced and intermediate levels. The first class on each topic will be free of charge and the two remaining workshops will only cost a small fee and by paying for both in advance, after taking the free intro class. When started simply show up here to the portal to our online classroom. The first class is prepared and will start with computer basics, a one hour free class. More details will be coming very soon and the classroom logs will be availible for those taking the class. The classes being offered, their lesson plan outlines and their schedules will be listed. For more information about these classes, for interest on teaching or for instructions on how to get in, simply email us from our email link or call our phone number that is listed.

Why choose us:

Although we have only been in business full time for a relatively short period of time, we have decades of collective experience on Windows machines and have put a huge investment into tools and parts. This combination enables us to quickly and accurately determine whether the problem we are dealing with is one of a hardware or software nature, and because of our experience we can easily identify symptoms due to virii infection(s). We have flat rates for many of our services, which saves the customer money. We utilize the internet for solving problems and have formed a rather large support group over the past decade. The collective years of experience of our support group exceeds over two centuries of both formal and informal education. No doubt about it these ties we have made are helping propel us and our customers toward success. We eargerly await your call or email, so contact us today. We will gladly give any question or problem a stab and our best effort.

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